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Edgar Watts Limited Wholesale

Cricket Bat Willows

  • Prepared unrooted sets 12-16' (360-480cm) tall
  • Prepared unrooted sets 10-12' (300-360cm) tall
  • Prepared unrooted sets 8-10' (240-300cm) tall
  • Prepared unrooted sets 6-8' (180-240cm) tall

Growing Cricket Bat Willows for profit is extremely worthwhile; establishment costs are small, maintenance is easy and excellent profits are achievable on good sites in 12-15 years. We offer an explanatory leaflet which explains the subject more thoroughly.

For further advice on planting, maintenance or marketing mature willows, ring: 01986 892751 or 01986 894131, Fax: 01986 895822

We always endeavour to cut and despatch our Cricket Bat Willow sets within 24 hours to ensure they are fresh. If you cannot plant immediately, put the ends in water, where they will survive quite well for a week or so.

The 10/12' tall Cricket Bat Willows will need extra pruning to ensure they attain 7' 6" clean stem (3 cricket bat lengths). On good sites prune to 10' (4 cricket bat lengths).

The 8/10' tall Cricket Bat Willow sets are generally only sold for windbreak and amenity purposes.

If you have purchased sets in recent years, you should be pruning them twice yearly; if pruning is not done the trees will be of no value!

Since we have no control over the site, planting and the treatment of sets after delivery, we cannot guarantee success; however, full instructions on planting and aftercare are available on request.

Ornamental Willows and Poplars

We have a selection of UNROOTED ornamental Willows and Poplars available. Please call us or contact us via the website to find out more.